Design Principles

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We sometimes use the phrase: "Classic Shapes, Bold Styling & Custom Shop Tone" to describe a few of our guiding design principles...

  • Classic Shapes refers to the body styles first used by Leo Fender's Stratocaster guitar, Jazz bass and Precision bass. These shapes are comfortable, are great looking and licensed copies are readily available from dozens of suppliers at all price points. 
  • Bold Styling may refer to custom themes, unusual colors, large numbers of pickups, elaborate controls, or all of the above. 
  • Custom Shop Tone refers to quality electronics. The tone of an electric guitar is determined principally by the pickups and the control setup, therefore, when managing to a budget, electronics is the last thing we cut corners on.
Though our direction could change in the future, at this time our focus is on building elaborate military style theme guitars.  A few examples of our work are pictured below and on the pages shown in the index at left.

We have not deviated from "Classic Shapes" but we may consider it as we consider how to be more creative with future projects

The First Two Fight Back Series Guitars and Several Prototypes which Influenced the Designs
Serial Numbers 1 and 2 dedicated to Jenna Richards
Serial Numbers 2 and 3 - Army Guitar and Air Force Bass Ready for Auction
 Two Early Prototypes We Continuously Modify to Test New Ideas.
Additional pictures are available on the subpages referred to in the site index at left.
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