Workshop Pilot

Doner Designs - Warming Hearts with Cool Guitars
We did a test run of our idea of a parent & son/daughter guitar building workshop (a service that could be auctioned by a charity) with our good friends the Richards family.  In addition to serving as a pilot for the workshop idea, we wanted to build a guitar in memory of their daughter Jenna who inspired the launch of Doner Designs (see the About Us tab for more on this).
The workshop idea is still an idea but we may offer it at some point in the future, perhaps as part of wish fulfillment for the Make-A-Wish Foundation.
BEFORE the Workshop
DURING the Workshop
AFTER the Workshop
Doner Designs with Jenna Richards' family.  Left to Right (below) - Richard Doner, Danny Richards, Dave Richards, Steve Doner then, (above) Sarlyn Richards with Danny, Richard and Steve Doner. 
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