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We don't build guitars for sale, but do sell our personal and prototype guitars and basses from time to time.  Some of these have ended up in the hands of professionals.

Andy Irvine

Noted professional bass player, teacher, author and advocate of all things bass, Andy Irvine bought a P bass from our personal collection. 
Shortly thereafter he was singing praises of our work and produced several videos with the bass, some of which are included below. 

Andy Irvine Video 1

Andy Irvine Video 2

Andy Irvine Video 3


Here's a link to Andy's Daily Funk Club website and some other relevant links:

Joe Kyle Jr.

Pro bassist Joe Kyle Jr. purchased a Mustang bass that we modified  with Nordstrand pickup, Audere preamp and Ford Mustang theme graphics.
Joe has been touring and recording with the Waybacks since mid-2001, and in such capacity has shared the stage with a host of notable roots music heroes.


Here's a link to Joe's website: