Time Machine Bass

**This page will be updated with auction information and other key updates when available.**

Our Time Machine theme bass guitar (SN 7) was completed in December 2018 after more than three years of very complex work.  We are fans of the Back to the Future films, but our intent was to make this an original work which borrows styling cues from many of the various time machine books and movies from over the years.  The photos below start with the early brainstorming stages and continue through the present. For the most current information and photos, look at our Facebook page.
The bass will be donated to a large national charity along the lines of those we have donated to in the past.  Our intention is for sale proceeds to go to the Michael J. Fox Parkinson's Foundation (a natural fit because of the BttF movies), but we have not yet made a binding commitment. We will announce on Facebook and here once a decision is made and a sale process begins.

Draft specifications/information sheet is attached at the bottom of this page along with any press releases specific to this bass. Owners manual will be posted here as well but we have to write it first. The professional photos are now here and we hope to have some better videos available soon. The videos below were quick and dirty spontaneous iphone captures just to have something to start with.

Recent articles about the time machine bass include the following:

Professional Photography, Courtesy of Sweetwater Sound


The double image below is what we have used to make posters. Feel free to copy but please give credit to the source.

Demo Videos (more and better videos to follow later)

Flux Capacitor Fluxing

Destination Year Change

First Playing Test after Completion

In Process Photos





Why did we choose the distinctive Iceman bass body shape?

To paraphrase Doc Brown, we figured if you're going to build a time machine into a guitar, why not do it with some style?  :-)

YouTube Video

A few time machines from the movies that we looked at for inspiration:


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