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Bass of the Week: Doner Designs Aircraft Carrier Bass
    (Awarded by "No Treble")

 Bass of the Week: Doner Designs Aircraft Carrier Bass
    (Awarded by "Best Bass Gear")


Bass of the Week: Doner Designs “Fight Back” Air Force Theme Bass

·        Bass of the Week

This instrument was specifically designed with a goal other than music; it was made to send a message not to give up when faced with a life-threatening disease and to “fight back”, hence the name given to this particular instrument.

The description below is really long, but really good and well worth the read because you’ll be very impressed with the hardware involved in this build.

 IMG 6414 zpsb0a61bd3 
Thanks to Steven for sending us photos, video and a great story about this bass! Well done!



Excerpts from news featuring Doner Designs:



Steve Doner’s MM/P/EB Custom Build

Bass of the Week  Our Bass of the Week comes from Steve Doner from Doner Designs.

Bass of the Week: Steve Doner’s Frankenbass Twins

Bass of the Week This week’s BotW is a pair of twins from Steve Doner.
“Meet the Franken-Tele Twins: J-BO and P-B0. A pair of frankenbasses.”
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