Design Principles

Besides the "Warming Hearts with Cool Guitars" slogan, We sometimes also use the phrase: "Classic Shapes, Bold Styling & Custom Shop Tone" to describe a few of our guiding design principles...

  • Classic Shapes refers to the body styles first used by Leo Fender's guitars and basses. These shapes are comfortable, are great looking and licensed copies are readily available.

  • Bold Styling refers to our elaborate custom themes. Designs which could be purchased as an art piece by a non-player tend to do well at charity fundraiser auctions because of the larger pool of potential bidders.

  • Custom Shop Tone refers to quality components and workmanship. We utilize high-end boutique quality parts in the production of our instruments. They may be works of art, but we take pride in offering instruments with professional quality sound and playability.

For more on the components we use in constructing our guitars and basses, see the Sponsors & Suppliers page.

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