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We can't keep building and donating it without help from YOU!

Several guitar parts suppliers donate or discount their wares toward our projects, but we still typically spend at least $500 in cash for parts that we don't have a sponsoring vendor for. We also incur printing, selling and shipping costs in some cases. We cover these costs out of pocket and with any cash donations we receive.

If you would like to help sponsor our next project with a cash donation, please go to our FundRazr page and click on "Contribute" at: .

Credit and debit cards or paypal accepted. To use a credit or debit card, follow the instructions to "use paypal as a guest". Thank you!!

Typically a portion of the total cost is covered by donations of parts from manufacturers and dealers, but we still end up covering about half the cost of each guitar with cash donations from friends, family and ourselves.

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