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For a super high level overview of Doner Designs, here's a 3 minute interview of Steve & Richard Doner on the WGN TV Chicago News in 2020.

These articles from our local newspaper do a nice job of describing who we are in layman's terms.

The builder profile from our pickup supplier/sponsor is also good:

Print edition of the Daily Herald articles noted above:

This radio interview from July 2020 runs about 15 minutes so it gets into a lot of background. Since the interview is audio-only we added a slideshow that includes all of our charity projects and several we built for personal use as well.

We have received extensive coverage in 2019 and 2020 because of the time machine bass inspired by the Back to the Future film series. Links to many of those articles are pasted below. The television and newspaper links above are repeated below to make the list more complete.

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