Sponsors & Suppliers

We are very thankful for the financial and moral support of our sponsors without whom Doner Designs would not exist.

In addition to our supplier/sponsors noted below we would like to give special recognition to LazrArt, our first Platinum Corporate Sponsor which is also listed below as our custom engraved logo neckplate supplier. As indicated on the page for our Road Warrior Double Neck combination guitar/bass, LazrArt covered the majority of the materials cost of that very expensive project. Without LazrArt's generous contribution we likely would not have taken on such a costly endeavor.

Some favorite suppliers, supporters, sponsors & friends include:

(blue bold denotes those who have donated parts and/or provided major discounts)

Some suppliers have offered discounts and assistance significantly above and beyond what our volume warrants because they support our causes. We very much appreciate these partner-like relationships.

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