Personal Guitars

We experiment and test our ideas on our own guitars and basses. Some examples of our past projects/prototypes are shown below. None of the projects below were done with the intention of selling, but some have been sold in order to fund other project ideas.

Solid Koa Bass with Solid Ebony Neck

My newest and favorite bass is made from exotic woods and features a pair of custom Nordstrand pickups. Each Musicman pickup cover contains both a Nordstrand Big Split and a Nordstrand Split Jazz pickup. Each of the four separate pickups have on/off switches and because of the split coil design each can operate alone without any hum. The two J pickups are in the traditional Jazz Bass positions.

Personal/Prototypes built in 2016

Personal/Prototype Bass Lineup at the End of 2015

Chambered Maple Bass with Flame Koa Top and 63 Possible Noiseless Pickup Coil Combinations

Walnut Jazz Bass with Flame Maple Top and Neck

Quad Coil Bass (Nordstrand BigMan and two Big Singles)

Steve's Bass Lineup at the end of 2014

(Two on the right are builds. Others are factory with significant modifications.)

Five Wood Warmoth '72P Bass Build

(Mahogany body, birdseye top, wenge neck, macassar ebony fingerboard, walnut pickguard, Nordstrand NP4a pickup, Audere preamp, Babicz bridge, Hipshot tuners)

Old 442 Bass (aka Big Red)

(4 band Audere Preamp, 4 pickups, 2 coils per pickup...and it's old because the body is from my first bass)

Richard's Eddie Van Halen Replica Project

(Lessons learned on painting this one helped us do a better job with the NASA guitar finish)

Mustang Bass with Nordstrand Pickup, "Real Tortoise" Pickguard and Pony Image from Mustang Car

(PG is a photo behind plexiglass - an Axetreme Creations exclusive.)

G&L "M3500 Six Pack Bass" (we added a third pickup, single coil switching and some cool graphics on the back)

(The automotive metaphor will be obvious to old motorheads and will make no sense to most others.)

Trio of Hot Rods - "Stingray", "Super Bee" and "Cobra"

Refinished Epiphone SG with Duncan Pickups

(Awesome job by Richard with no help from the old man)

Stratocaster with Two EMG Humbuckers

Music Man Ball Family Reserve Stingray HH with Clear Pickguard and Clear Control Plate

(It would be a crime to do any mods other than letting the natural ash show through.)

Precision Bass with Musicman Bridge Pickup and Sidewinder (aka Mudbucker) Neck Pickup

Hot-Rodded Jazz and Precision Basses

Nearly all of the unique pickguards and back plates seen in the photos above were made to our specs by our good friends at Axetreme Creations.

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